Our instrumentation is collecting precise real time data from substations across Cheshire. Monitored substations are mainly, but not exclusively located in the industrial Ellesmere Port and Chester region.

The data provided can be real-time or historical for all or just some of the monitored substations. As well as load, it includes most other useful parameters.

We believe the data set will be of interest to:

  • Energy generation and storage investors interested in identifying capacity constraints to inform location selections,
  • Energy consumers researching opportunities for demand side measures, e.g., reduced EV charging, deferred space heating, management of battery storage solutions,
  • Traders creating local energy markets for trading variable loads with variable generation within the sub-region,
  • EV Chargepoint installers and operators wanting to locate new sites.

If you think the data may be of interest, please contact us so that we can discuss your requirements further.

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