EA Technology aims to be at the heart of the drive to achieve Net Zero in the UK, and beyond. By working collaboratively with organisations and partners we want to accelerate progress towards clean growth, adaptation and resilience. 

We offer high-tech instruments, software, electrical services and technical consultancy globally. Our innovative end-to-end solutions to facilitate the introduction of low carbon technologies to futureproof electricity networks, accelerate industrial decarbonisation, and hasten the adoption of low carbon technology.

EA Technology has been based at its headquarters in Capenhurst, Cheshire for over 50 years. The buildings we occupy have evolved and been modified over this period to reflect changes in our purpose and areas of expertise, however very little has been done to change the energy efficiency of the building fabric. Recently we started to change this, modifying the building to be more energy efficient and to decarbonise the energy we use.  We have learnt a lot as we have travelled the path to decarbonisation and are pleased to be working in partnership with Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership to share this knowledge and help other organisations interested in undertaking a similar undertaking.