Inspired by our desire to decarbonise our own headquarters in Cheshire, we are delivering what will be a fully operational demonstration of an integrated net carbon-zero smart energy building.

It is actively complemented by energy storage and an electric vehicle charging system, but crucially applied to an existing, complex building that is over 50 years old.

We have learnt many useful lessons along our journey so far. We hope that sharing these insights will assist and inspire other businesses considering embarking on this route. Few existing resources are aimed at commercial premises; we hope that this website will help fill this gap, but also provide comparative information on the carbon savings, capital expenditure and payback period of different low carbon technologies.

The route that each organisation takes will be different, shaped by their philosophy and characteristics. We are not advocating a prescribed route to decarbonisation, but instead providing the knowledge and data to inform investment decisions. We hope that you will be able to visit our headquarters in Cheshire, physically or virtually, to see what we have achieved!