Supporting Net Zero Cheshire

EA Technology is proud to collaborate with key regional stakeholders including Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership and SP Energy Networks delivering projects that will help facilitate our regions Net Zero ambitions.

EA Technology is an active participant in the local community. Our head office is in the Cheshire Science Corridor Enterprise Zone, part of the Ellesmere Port industrial region, which is among the UK’s largest industrial green-house gas emitters. Almost 40 million tonnes of CO2 are emitted annually in the North West. Businesses produce over one-third of these, 15 million tonnes per annum. We are delighted to work with other organisations that share our Net Zero ambitions for the region.

Working in Collaboration

We are working with key stakeholders, including Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and SP Energy Networks to help realise the ambitions of Net Zero North West, a group made up of business, regional leaders and universities that plans to establish the UK’s first low carbon industrial cluster by 2030 and the world’s first net zero industrial cluster by 2040. We are involved in three key projects with the LEP, where we are responsible for building, installing and operating monitoring software which enables the electricity sector and end users, from industrial to domestic customers, to understand their energy usage, and plan and implement practical solutions to future networks.

SP Energy Networks manage and maintain the electricity distribution network across Cheshire.  They are committed to playing a leading role in the fight against climate change. EA Technology is working with them on many projects, including the flagship public EV chargepoint project, Charge - SP Energy Networks.