This website is not intended to be read from 'cover-to-cover'.

It is intended instead to introduce the different energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions that are available and help the user choose the most appropriate for their situation. Armed with the information in this website the reader may then wish to research further or consult a builder or installer with specialist skills and expertise.

The website contains a brief examination of factors that should be considered prior to installing a technology and work that, in our opinion, should precede its installation. Every building, location and tenancy circumstance is different, however and we would recommend that you consult with someone with specialist skills before embarking on a course of action. We have illustrated the website, where appropriate, with case studies explaining the choices we made, and lessons learned during our progress to decarbonisation.

Before making any decisions, the first course of action should be to understand the current energy use of your building then to consider how to make your building more energy efficient. New technology can then be considered.