VisNet®Hub are providing real time data from locations across Cheshire’s Energy Innovation District, shown on the map below. This will become one of the most monitored LV electricity networks in the world.

The VisNet® Hub is a substation monitor that checks voltage and current data on each Low Voltage (LV) circuit giving insight about load, faults and condition information across the network. It measures three phases and neutral for up to six LV circuits, busbar voltage and equipment temperature. In addition, it can act as a communications hub for 3rd party equipment and sensors using its array of connection points provided.  This rounded solution gives network operators the opportunity to have full visibility and control of their LV network, at the most economic price point.

The map below shows the locations of the 673 substations that are being monitored. We are making twenty-four hours' worth of demand and voltage data, from the latest full day, available as a preview. To access this data, login or register now.

The map shows a daily total energy use for each substation, and you can access graphs showing 30 minute mean average for Voltage and Current from each phase, providing a daily profile for the preceding day. Data from more substations will be made available soon, via this portal.